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American Barn & Wood
Remodeling and Home Design
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Welcome to American Barn & Wood

American Barn & Wood supplies reclaimed barn wood to contractors, decorators, homeowners, furniture and cabinet makers. We have hand hewn or sawn beams, planks, siding, and even antique barn hardware. Our reclaimed barn wood can be repurposed to make flooring, furniture, paneling, doors, wainscoting and much more.

American Barn & Wood is founded on the principle of preserving a part of our Country's farming heritage. Barns of long ago are disappearing due to the passage of time and farm modernization. We search the Midwest looking for barns that can be "recycled" so that their legacy can continue to live on into future.

Reclaimed barn wood is unique in its history, beauty and character. We believe that reclaiming wood will not only preserve America's heritage, but it is an environmentally responsible thing to do.  Much of our wood comes from structures that were built with old growth trees that were cut more than 100 years ago or more.​


"Reclaiming America's  Heritage"
Mon-Fri 10-4   Sat 10-2   Sun closed
American Barn & Wood ®  
3460 La Cruz Way #D 
Paso Robles, CA  93446
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