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American Barn & Wood
Remodeling and Home Design
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Architectural Salvage
The nuts and bolts...
American Barn & Wood -"more than just wood"
There is much more available at American Barn & Wood. Besides wood, we have an ever changing stock of barn doors, windows, hardware and fixtures.
Our barn doors come in a variety of heights and widths.  Some are the classic barn red others are a natural wood grain.  Have a dimension that you are looking for? Contact Us.
We have bins of miscellaneous hardware(above). Old tools, hinges, nuts, bolts, gears, knobs and whatchamacallits can be found in our buckets of rusty goodness.
We have an assortment of architectural items. Stained glass, windows, glass panels and more.
​American Barn and Wood
 3460 La Cruz Way #D 
Paso Robles, Ca 93446

Visit our show room to see how you can incorporate barn wood into your next project.
If he isn't catching a cat nap, Woody the Lumber Yard Cat will greet you. He adopted American & Wood as his place to "hang his hat". Follow him on Facebook
From time to time we have rusty tin panels.  These panels make a unique look to any furniture, bar, kitchen island or wall.
Tin Panels
Barn Bits
We have a wonderful corner of barn wood bits and pieces. These smaller pieces of wood are great for signage and craft projects.
Nothing quite like the beauty and uniqueness of barn wood.
Wine Flavor Staves
Being located in the wine country, we often reclaim the oak flavor staves from local wineries.  These make for wonderful tables, paneling, and more.