Barn  Doors

 We have barns doors from outside of the barn with a rustic look, and we have barn doors from inside the barn with a smoother finish.  When the project calls for a specific size door, then building your own barn door from reclaimed wood is certainly an option.  

In the Lumber Yard

We have a vast selection of doors. Use as an actual door or hang on the wall for a piece of art. 

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  1. Doors...
    Assorted sizes and colors.
  2. Doors....
    Each door is marked with measurements and price.
  3. ...and More Doors
    ...and More Doors
    Assorted sizes

Customer Barn Wood Projects

Creative customers!

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  1. Need a Door?
    Need a Door?
    Custom made door by Allen's Woodworking.
  2. Double Barn Doors
    Double Barn Doors
    Customer purchased siding and windows to create this double door.
  3. Barn Man Door
    Barn Man Door
    Custom door built to replace original barn door.
  4. Herring Bone
    Herring Bone
    Double Doors built with class by The Craftsman Way
  5. Instant Headboard
    Instant Headboard
    A weekend project - so easy.