Barn Doors

Our barn doors come in an assortment of sizes.  We have barns doors from outside of the barn with a rustic look, and we have barn doors from inside the barn with a smoother finish.  When the project calls for a specific size door, then building your own barn door is certainly an option.  

In the Lumber Yard

  1. Salvaged house doors
    Reclaimed House Doors
  2. rustic barn doors
    Pick a Door
  3. Barn doors
    Assorted Barn Doors

Customer Projects

The gallery below is made up of pictures shared by our customers. These are barn doors they built using reclaimed  barn wood from American Barn and Wood. ​​​​
  1. Rustic barn door
    Grey Barn Door
  2. Rustic Barn Door
    Rustic Front Door
  3. Double barn doors
    Double Wide Barn Doors