Brown Board

Barn wood that is called brown board consists of boards that are from within the barn. They can be roof boards, floor boards, interior wall boards from grain rooms  or corn cribs.  These boards come in a variety of thicknesses.  Usually 1-3 inches thick and varying widths.  Customer projects using brown board have consisted of  wood  flooring, kitchen shelves, farm house tables, counters, bar tops and more.

In the Lumber Yard

  1. reclaimed wood wall
    One Inch Brown Board
  2. Reclaimed Wood Templeton, CA
    Extra Wide Boards 14 inches and Wider
  3. Barn wood San Luis Obispo
    The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood
  4. Farmhouse shelves PASo Robles, CA
    Three Inch Thick Brown Board
  5. Reclaimed wood tables San Luis Obispo, CA
    Two Inch Thick Brown Board

Projects Using Brown Board

The gallery below is made up of pictures shared by our customers. These are the projects they built using reclaimed  brown board from American Barn and Wood. ​​​​

  1. Barn wood Bar
    Barn Wood Bar
  2. barn wood kitchen counter
    Kitchen Counter
  3. Barn wood kitchen shelves
    Kitchen Shelves
  4. Barn Wood Kitchen Island
    Barn Wood Kitchen Island
  5. Barn wood coffee table
    Barn Wood Coffee Table
  6. Barn wood bar
    Old and New