Brown Board

Reclaimed barn wood that is called brown board consists of boards that are from within the barn. They can be roof boards, floor boards, interior wall boards from grain rooms  or corn cribs.  These boards come in a variety of thicknesses.  Usually 1-3 inches thick and varying widths.  Customer projects using brown board have consisted of  wood  flooring, kitchen shelves, farm house tables, counters, bar tops and more.

In the Lumberyard

Our inventory of mixed brown board consists of a variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and species. We do on occassion have chestnut in stock.

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  1.  Two Inch Thick
    Two Inch Thick
    Widths range from 4-12 inches. Great for shelving and farm house tables.
  2. Live Edge Slabs
    Live Edge Slabs
    Live edge slab milled from log barn floor joists. A popular pick.
  3. Chestnut
    A beautiful wood that can only be found in reclaimed buildings.
  4. 4x4's & 3x4's
    4x4's & 3x4's
    Perfect for table legs!
  5. reclaimed wood, barn wood, salvage
    One Inch Thick
    Widths range from 2 inches to 20 inches.

Customer Barn Wood Projects

Get inspired by our customers.  Home DIY'ers and  professionals created these amazing reclaimed wood projects.

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  1. Counter Top
    Counter Top
    Reclaimed barn wood counter.
  2. Coffee Table
    Coffee Table
    Barn wood for tables of all sizes.
  3. Reclaimed Wood Wall
    Reclaimed Wood Wall
    One inch thick boards make a signature wall.
  4. Kitchen Shelving
    Kitchen Shelving
    Two inch boards are perfect for shelves.
  5. Kitchen Island
    Kitchen Island
    Kiss the Cook!
  6. Old Meets New
    Old Meets New
    Two inch thick boards create a perfect top for a new cabinet.
  7. Stairway to Heaven
    Stairway to Heaven
    Beautiful barn wood stairway.
  8. Heirloom Furniture
    Heirloom Furniture
    Reclaimed wood becomes a masterpiece.
  9. Open Shelving
    Open Shelving
    Highlight your collections with class.
  10. Rustic Coffee Table
    Rustic Coffee Table
    Once a barn wood floor, now a coffee table.