Weathered Siding

Weathered barn siding comes from the outside of the barn.  These are boards that have withstood the true test of time and natural elements.  Years of wind and rain gave these boards a patina and textured look.  Barn wood siding colors come in red, white or grey. Wrap your house, she shed, or even craft an interior accent wall with are reclaimed barn wood. 

In the Lumber Yard

  1.  barn wood San Luis Obispo
    Assorted lengths and widths
  2. Reclaimed lumber
    Grey Siding
  3. Reclaimed barn wood siding
    Choose from multiple colors
  4. White barn wood
    White Barn Wood Siding
  5. Red Barn wood
    Red Barn Siding

Customer Projects

  1. Barn wood book shelf
    Rustic Book Shelf
  2. Grey Barn Door
    Grey Barn Door
  3. Barn Wood Accent Wall
    Barn Wood Accent Wall
  4. Man Cave
    Barn Wood Man Cave
  5. Reclaimed Wood San Luis Obispo
    Reclaimed Wood Siding